Number #925


Return of Tuition Assistance Funds for Active Military Service Members


Amberton University will return any Tuition Assistance (TA) Program funds directly to the Military Service and not to the Service member.  Up to the start date of the session, Amberton will return all (100%) of TA funds to the appropriate Military Service when the Service does not:

a)   Begin attendance at the institution or

b)   Start a course, regardless of whether the student starts other courses.

Amberton will return any TA funds paid for a course that is cancelled by the University.

Amberton will return any unearned TA funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60% portion of the session for which the funds were prorated.  TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending.  In instances when a Service member stops attending due to military service obligation, Amberton will work with the Service member student to identify solutions that will not result in a student debt for the returned portion.