Number: 860


The students of Amberton University, being adults who for the most part take only three hours per session, have expressed little interest in forming a traditional student government structure. This is not to say that students are not interested in the operations and development of the institution. However, participation by students is more through the process of committees and/or special task force groups than through a formalized student government structure.

Because of the mature nature of the University's students, their participation in the decision making process is critical to the development of the institution. Therefore, the following guidelines will be observed:

*    There will be student participation on all major discrimination appeal committees.

*    Before the development of a new degree or program, in addition to community, alumni and professional advisory committees, the University will convene a student committee that will be allowed to provide input and recommendations.

*    Students will evaluate each instructor and course each session.

*    Graduating students will provide an "overall" appraisal of the University and its programs through the graduate's questionnaire.

*    Surveys and questionnaires will be provided periodically for student participation relative to all major development trends at Amberton University.

*    New students will be asked to complete a questionnaire providing the University with insight as to why they chose Amberton University.