Candidates applying for and students enrolled in Amberton University’s Master of Arts School Counseling Program are expected to understand and adhere to the ethical and academic standards as outlined in the current Amberton University Catalog, Educators’ Code of Ethics (Chapter 247, Title 19, Texas Administrative Code), Texas Counseling Association Code of Ethics, and American School Counselor Association Code of Ethics.  Those standards are incorporated by reference into this document.  In addition, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual misconduct, including assault, stalking, or any form of sexual harassment is unethical and will not be tolerated by Amberton University.  See the University’s website for the complete Sexual Misconduct and Non-discrimination (Title IX and Title VII) Statements.

Amberton University caters to working adults. Each student’s behavior is to reflect a refined maturity and attitude that complies with the academic and ethical standards outlined in the University’s current catalog and the Codes of Ethics referenced above.  The Amberton School Counseling Program is obligated by professional ethics and University procedure to assess students on an ongoing basis as to their potential for meeting expectations of school counseling professionals. Attendance at Amberton University is a privilege, not a right.  If, in the judgment of the University, a student’s academic performance or personal conduct is substandard, the University retains the right to deny the student further enrollment.

Violations of the Amberton University’s academic or ethical standards or the Codes of Ethics referenced above that are expected of school counseling students may result in disciplinary action. Such action may take the form of a reprimand, probation, suspension, legal sanctions, and/or expulsion from the University. Suspension and any discipline short of expulsion are not considered punishment, but a part of the educational process. A student may be suspended for an indefinite period, depending upon the offense.  Expulsion from the School Counseling Program and from Amberton University is permanent.

"Due Process" in the handling an alleged violation will follow the specific guidelines presented in the current Amberton University Catalog under “Due Process in Handling Violations of Ethical Standards” should a student be accused of violating academic or ethical standards.

All students desiring to be admitted to the School Counseling program at Amberton University will receive a copy of this statement and must attest to their understanding of and compliance with the policies contained herein before and during acceptance into the program.  It is the responsibility of the student to review this document and to thoroughly understand its contents before accepting admission into and enrolling in the program..