Number: 807



Amberton University is not an all-purpose educational institution attempting to meet the needs of the general public. Amberton University is a private, specialized upper-division and graduate institution catering exclusively to mature, working adults who seek a relevant educational opportunity absent of the social trappings--dormitories, athletics, fraternities, sororities, bands, etc.--found at more traditional institutions.

Individualism is paramount to an understanding of the philosophy of Amberton University. Each student is considered a unique individual, divinely created, and capable of becoming better each day. Amberton University will never combine students into general groups, nor will the University respond to petitions or group demonstrations that diminish individualism. The University is committed to academic excellence rooted in personal integrity. All Amberton University personnel are Christians, and the University will maintain the highest standards of Christian ethics and morality in dealing with its students.

Admission: Minimally, a person seeking admission to Amberton University must be a mature adult with employment experience, fluent in writing and speaking English, and must provide acceptable transfer work from an accredited institution. The Amberton University student is also expected to have reasonable computer literacy skills and knowledge.

Attendance: Attendance at Amberton University is a privilege, not a right. If, in the judgment of the University, a student's academic performance or personal conduct is substandard, the University retains the right to deny the student further enrollment.

Cost: Because of the no-nonsense approach to education and the technology employed, Amberton University is and should continue to be one of the most inexpensive private institutions available to its constituency.

Financial: The student is personally responsible for paying all educational costs incurred while attending Amberton University. Although the University’s philosophy is that students should “pay as you go” and minimize long-term debt, Amberton does participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid, including direct loans, and private educational loans. Amberton University encourages students to use good judgement and to only borrow what they need. For students needing payment options, the University offers deferred payment plans. All payment options are listed on the University’s website.

Personal: Amberton University believes that talent without discipline is useless, and knowledge without character is perilous. The University operates on an honor system, and honesty and integrity are essential characteristics of all employees and students associated with the institution. Because the University's reputation is ultimately determined by those who earn a degree, Amberton University will insist upon evidence of personal integrity in addition to academic excellence. The personal integrity of a student will be proven by the student's ability to handle his academic, financial, and personal affairs in a straightforward manner consistent with the rules and regulations outlined in the catalog.