Number: 710



It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to represent the institution to the public and media. Favorable as well as unfavorable information concerning the institution shall be released when appropriate. The CEO is the "Official Voice" of the University and all external agencies making inquiries should be directed to the CEO's Office. All personnel of Amberton University should remember that there is no such thing as "off the record" comments. The following guidelines shall help govern the releasing of information:

1.   No information, favorable or unfavorable, shall be released publicly until approved by the President.

2.   Amberton University personnel shall not deliberately distort facts made public.

3.   Amberton University personnel will respond, when possible and appropriate, expediently to inquiries from the media or other groups.

4.   Amberton University shall protect the right of privacy and confidentiality on matters that are of a private nature. Such private and confidential matters shall include, but not be limited to: student discipline records, student academic records, employee hiring and firing, student and employee records, budget information, development plans, salaries, employee evaluations, or confidential academic or administrative meetings.