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Amberton University is a nondenominational Christian institution; all employees of the University believe that Jesus of the New Testament Bible is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Christ, the Savior.  We believe that our Lord has and continues to bless our service in Christian education, and that Amberton University has been shaped by Christian values and devotion to academic excellence in educating working adults.

Amberton University will conduct its business and academic programs in accordance with the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards. To identify the major moral and ethical standards to be followed by the University, the principles presented in the New Testament of the Bible will be followed. Amberton University is a Christian institution, and it will maintain the highest standards of Christian morality and ethics in dealing with its employees, students, and public.

The Administration, Faculty and Staff of Amberton University will impose upon itself the highest standards of ethical conduct.  Where there is a disagreement or dispute between the University and a complainant, policy/regulations, not personal feelings, will rule.  If the policy or regulation is contradictory, the final judgment will be made in favor of the complainant.

Individualism is paramount to an understanding of the ethical standards of Amberton University. Each employee and each student is considered a unique individual, divinely created, and capable of becoming better each day. Amberton University will never lump employees or students into generalized groups, nor will the University respond to petitions or group demonstrations that diminish individualism.