Number: 60




The investment policy of Amberton University is developed to provide standards for investing. Annually, the Board of Trustees will review the performance of the fiscal operations of all funds under the authority or auspices of the University and will, when appropriate, modify or change the investment policy of the institution to comply with expectations.

Any and all revisions to the Amberton University investment policy must be approved by the Board of Trustees.


With respect to all activities and responsibilities set forth herein, the Board of Trustees and all designated financial managers shall exercise the same reasonable judgment, care, discretion and intelligence in managing and investing Amberton University funds as expected of one prudently managing his/her own financial affairs.


The overall objective of Amberton University investing is to preserve and increase the value of the investable assets by utilizing prudent investment practices. Consideration should first be given to the safety of the investment followed with the probable increase in value of the investment.

As a matter of policy and in accordance with prudent investing, investment activities in the following are prohibited:

Short sales, margin purchases or borrowing


Puts, calls, or options

Securities of entities not under the jurisdiction of Courts in the United States

Stock loans, letter stock, or private placement


The financial administration of Amberton University shall assume primary responsibility in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the University's investing activities. The Board of Trustees and/or the administration of the University may also consult or hire professional financial managers to help with the investing and management of institutional and institutionally related funds.

The University CEO will annually provide the Board of Trustees with a report identifying funds invested, type of investments, total dollars invested and true market value of University and University related investments. The CEO's report will be made a part of the annual written report to the Board of Trustees.