Number: 512

Subject:   On-line University Reports


University On-line Reporting and User Access


The reporting and accessing of information through on-line methods has become an essential component of day-to-day operations.  Information that, in the past, was collected on hardcopy and mailed is now reported on-line through electronic means.  On-line reporting and access requires specific procedures, including usernames and passwords that may only be known to the user or department responsible for the reporting.  It is essential that all departments keep summaries of any on-line reporting requirements and provide to the Vice President for Administrative Services, on a regular basis, the procedures required.  The information provided should include: (1) entity requiring the on-line report, (2) purpose of the report and frequency of reporting, (3) web location of on-line reporting (complete URL), (4) Login information (User IDs and passwords), (5) procedures used to provide the report, and (6) special software requirements, if any, including where software is installed.  The Vice President for Administrative Services will maintain a compilation of all on-line reporting sites in a secure location.