Number:† 508





†††† Amberton University is designed exclusively for the working adult.† Enrollment is restricted to approximately 1,500 students per session, with four sessions offered each year.

†††† A significant part of the mission purpose of this private university is demonstrated integrity along with academic excellence.† To this end, the student's personal conduct and integrity in handling all educational costs consistent with the regulations and rules of Amberton University are considered integral parts of the learning process.

†††† The cost of education at Amberton University is an exclusive contract between the University and the student only.† Under no circumstances will Amberton University waive the liability/responsibility of the student to a third party.† To maintain the integrity of this position, no minor will be permitted to contract with Amberton University.




1.a All Amberton University educational costs (tuition and fees) are payable at the time of enrollment.

1.b A student with a satisfactory financial record with Amberton University or a student receiving educational reimbursement from a company/agency that has been authorized by Amberton University may make application to defer his/her payment when registering.

1.b.1 All deferments are secured by a note signed by the student.† There is a non-refundable fee ($5) for this service.

1.b.2 A finance charge of three-fourths of one percent will be calculated on all unpaid balances on the last business day of each month after all credits, charges, and payments have been applied.

1.b.3 A student seeking payment deferment because of a company/agency reimbursement must present an approved authorization letter to the University from the company/agency at the time of the payment deferment request.† (A letter of authorization from a company or agency does not release the student from liability of payment.)

†††† Over 2,000 adult students representing more than 1,200 different companies/agencies enroll at Amberton University annually.† Amberton University tuition and fees are the least expensive of any private university in the region.† The University's low costs are possible because of institutional efficiency and standardization.† While Amberton University will work with companies and agencies seeking to "streamline" reimbursement to their employees enrolled at Amberton University by direct billing, the following minimal standards will prevail:

2.a Companies/agencies with more than ten students enrolled per session are eligible to apply for direct billing authorization.

2.b With prior approval, Amberton University will direct bill a company/agency based upon authorized paperwork presented by the student at the time of enrollment.

2.c Companies/agencies authorized for direct billing will be sent a statement (providing the names of students enrolled and the costs) before the end of the first month of each session.† If Amberton University receives full payment prior to the last working day of the second month following the start of a session, no finance charge (see 1.b.2) will occur on the student's account.

2.d Following Amberton University's direct billing to a company/agency, the University assumes no further responsibility for informing the company/agency of the students' conduct or activities with the University.

2.e A company's/agency's desire to receive a student's grades, copy of transcripts, financial records or academic records, must be made directly to the student/employee.