Number: 447



The teaching load policy of the faculty recognizes that each full-time instructor should devote a reasonable part of his time to research and/or creative scholarship in an area related to his teaching responsibilities, and that the salary support of this activity is a valid educational expenditure from the instructional budget. Such creative work may involve the development of fresh and imaginative approaches to the teaching of courses, including new syllabi and/or teaching-learning materials, as well as the kinds of activities that are more likely to be reported in professional meetings and journals.

For a special research project, a faculty member may apply for a reduction in teaching load, for salary supplement and/or funding to cover research expenses.

Except when the research is institutional in nature and is undertaken at the request of the administration, reductions from the normal teaching load, costs of research and salary supplements will be financed from special research funds available through the institution.

Each year each full-time faculty member will report on his research and creative scholarship activity to the Chief Academic Officer.

The appropriate application must be made and approved before institutional funds may be spent to support research activities.