Number: 427


              It is important that each faculty member works in conditions that are conducive to a feeling of goodwill and fairness. If a member of the faculty has any grievance regarding working conditions, employment practices, discrimination, employee relationships, or policy interpretation (also see Regulations 205 and 207), the following procedures should be followed:

(1)  The matter in question should be discussed with the Chief Academic Officer at the earliest possible time. Every effort should be exercised to solve the problem without undue delay. The CAO should contact or put the faculty member in contact with any other supervisor who might be relevant to the problem in an effort to seek an equitable solution.

(2)  If the employee is not satisfied with the answer or solution of the CAO, the problem should be presented to the Chief Executive Officer who may render a judgment immediately or appoint a faculty review committee to consider the appeal. The faculty member should provide the CEO with a written copy of the complaint or grievance, and a statement allowing the matter to be discussed with the committee.

(3)  The Faculty Review Committee shall make a recommendation to the Chief Executive Officer, whose decision shall be final.