Number: 410



Membership in the Faculty Association is open to all full-time and part-time employees of the University who are directly associated with the teaching aspects of the institution. Membership will include the instructors, librarians and other such persons as the faculty sees fit to elect.

Faculty Association Meetings:

The Faculty Association will have general meetings prior to the beginning of each session, but special meetings may be called by the Administration, or Faculty Council. The Chief Academic Officer, who does not have a vote, shall preside over all meetings of the Faculty Association.

Purposes of the Faculty Association:

The purposes of the Faculty Association are:

1.   To keep informed about institutional plans and developments.

2.   To maintain open lines of communication between faculty, staff, and administration.

3.   To promote interest within the membership toward professional growth.

4.   To encourage and recommend educational programs or changes in programs contributing to institutional improvement.

5.   To recommend improvements or changes in institutional conditions in order to meet the changing needs of its students and membership.