Number: 409



     Faculty records shall be maintained by the Chief Academic Officer and will include the following:


*       Copy of the Amberton University Employment Application (original will be in personnel)

*    Letters of recommendation and information verifying a background investigation

*    Official Transcript(s)

*    Vita and/or Professional Certification when appropriate or necessary for justifying employment

*    Copies of Contract Letters with Amberton University

*    Copies of Teaching Performance as reported by students in classes taught

*    Copies of Professional Development Activities (articles written, conferences attended, faculty research, etc.)

*    Copies of Signed Letters of Praise or Complaint filed relative to the instructor as well as record of university action, if any

*    Letters or Memorandums of Evaluation by Administrative Personnel

*    Teaching Assignments

*    Documentation of evidence of experience, scholarly or creative activities that offset minimum academic requirements.