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Amberton University focuses on the working adult student whose academic goal is to finish a bachelor’s degree or to begin and complete a graduate program.  This focus is demonstrated in the select group of faculty who teach Amberton University’s courses.  The University employs full-time faculty members who are not only academically qualified to teach in their respective disciplines but who are also practitioners who bring real world experience into their courses.  In addition to full-time faculty, Amberton University employs select part-time faculty who by their academic qualifications and professional experience provide variety and depth in specific disciplines.

In planning course offerings for the complete academic year, full-time faculty should teach over 50% of total student headcount (total semester hours generated) for the fiscal year.  All full-time faculty must be qualified to teach both lecture and distance learning (online) classes.


Lecture Classes and Distance Learning Classes:

     The minimum size for a lecture class to make is twelve. The maximum class size is fifty. Between the size of thirty to fifty, the Chief Academic Officer, in coordination with the instructor, may select the optimum enrollment desired for the class. Because of the nature of distance learning classes, the class need only be large enough to support the financial costs associated with offering the class; however, no distance learning class may exceed 50 students.


Full-time Faculty:

Faculty Council Members:

     The expected teaching load of faculty council members at Amberton University is 300 students per year, normally taught in ten courses. A faculty member may request to teach additional classes above the normal teaching load of ten; however, the annual teaching load may not exceed twelve courses, except by approval by the University’s President when extraordinary conditions merit an exception.  Should an overload be authorized, a faculty member is entitled to overload pay when he/she exceeds 300 students taught and ten courses.

Dedicated Faculty Members:

     The expected teaching load of dedicated faculty members should be approximately 240 students per year, taught in eight courses with a minimum enrollment of 12 students per course. 

Part-time Faculty:

     Part-time instructors normally teach one to two classes per session based upon scheduling rotations. Part-time instructors are not to teach more than six classes per year and are not to be involved in more than four preparations per year. Exceptions to this standard must be documented.