Number: 336


          It is important that each employee work in conditions that are conducive to a feeling of goodwill and fairness. If an employee has any grievance regarding working conditions, employment practices, discrimination (also see Regulations 205 and 207), employee relationships, or policy interpretation, the following procedure should be followed:

1.   The matter in question should be discussed with the immediate supervisor at the earliest possible time. Every effort should be exercised to solve the problem without undue delay. The supervisor should contact or put the employee in contact with any other person(s) related to the problem.

2.   If the employee is not satisfied with the answer or solution of the immediate supervisor within five (5) working days, the problem may be presented, in writing, to the appropriate divisional Vice President or if the complaint is against the divisional Vice president, to any Vice President of the University.

3.   If the employee is dissatisfied with the solution presented by the Vice President, the employee may appeal, in writing, to the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO may make a final decision immediately or elect to form a Grievance Hearing Committee to consider the complaint. The committee, if appointed, should have in writing the grievance and copies of the previous actions taken.

4.   The Grievance Hearing Committee shall make a recommendation to the CEO, whose decision shall be final.