Number: 325




     Membership in the Staff Association is open to all full-time and part-time employees of the University who are directly associated with the operational (non-teaching) aspects of the institution. Membership may include other such persons as the staff sees fit to elect.

Staff Association Meetings

Generally, the Staff Association will have meetings each session, but special meetings may be called by the Administration or Staff Council.

Purposes of the Staff Association

The Purposes of the Staff Association are:

1.      To keep informed about institutional plans and developments.

2.      To maintain open lines of communication between staff, faculty and administration.

3.      To promote interest within the membership toward professional growth.

4.      To encourage and recommend operational and procedural changes that contribute to institutional improvement.

5.      To recommend improvements or changes in institutional conditions in order to meet the changing needs of its membership.




The Staff Council, composed of all full-time staff employees, shall serve as the representative body of the Staff Association. The Staff Council shall continuously review and make recommendations to the Administration on matters pertaining to registration, operations, procedures, office conditions and such other matters that pertain to staff affairs.

Council Responsibilities

The Staff Council, as the representative body of the Staff Association, is to continuously review and make recommendations on matters relative to procedures, office standards and staff welfare.

The Staff Council is responsible in promoting the highest ethical and professional standards attainable for the entire staff.

The Staff Council is responsible for promoting communications within and between all segments of the university community.

The Staff Council is responsible for investigating and advising on operational topics that are surfaced by both the staff and administration.


Staff Council membership will consist of all full-time members of the Staff Association and other such personnel as the Council may choose to authorize.

Council Officers and Duties

The chairperson, who is selected by the Council annually, will preside over all meetings, but may vote only in a tie.

The Staff Council may elect such other officers as it finds necessary to handle Council business. The Council will determine the qualifications and duties of such officers and will establish procedures for appointing membership to such committees as deemed necessary.

All activities of the Staff Council--meetings of the Council, committee meetings, task force meetings, etc.--will be recorded and copies of such minutes will be distributed to the Chief Operations Officer and such other personnel as deemed advisable by the Council.