Number: 314


     Supervisors and employees are strongly encouraged to discuss job performance and goals on an informal, day-to-day basis. A formal performance evaluation will be conducted at the end of an employee's initial period of hire, known as the introductory period(see Regulation #312). Additional formal performance evaluations are conducted annually to provide both supervisors and employees the opportunity to discuss job tasks, identify and correct weaknesses, encourage and recognize strengths, and discuss positive, purposeful approaches for meeting goals.

The performance of all classifications of employees (administrators, faculty, and staff) is evaluated generally according to an ongoing 12-month cycle, beginning at the fiscal year end.  Supervisory personnel conduct performance appraisals for staff in their respective departments.  Faculty performance appraisals, conducted by the Chief Academic Officer, follow the guidelines set forth in Regulation #419.  Administrative evaluations are conducted by the President.

Merit-based pay adjustments are awarded by Amberton University in an effort to recognize truly superior employee performance. The decision to award such an adjustment is dependent upon numerous factors including, but not limited to, the information documented by this formal performance evaluation process.