Number: 28


 To establish a fair and courteous manner for re-electing Board members, the following procedures will be adhered to:

1.  A committee approved by the Board will interview Board members whose term expires in March to determine which, if any, wish to serve another term.

2.  At the March meeting, each member of the Board will be provided a ballot listing those who have expressed a willingness to be re-elected, and each Board member will complete a signed ballot voting for or against the re-election of each person named. A Board member being considered for re-election may cast a ballot for the other members up for re-election but may not vote for him or herself.

3.  Tabulation of results and subsequent destruction of the ballots will be under the control of the committee. The chairperson of the committee will inform each candidate, in writing, of the results of the vote prior to May 1.