Number:               278

Subject:                POSTHUMOUS DEGREES

Updated:              March 2016

Responsibility:      President


Amberton University

Procedures for the

Awarding of Posthumous Degrees


General Statement:

Amberton University desires to recognize academic achievement of students enrolled in the University at the time of their death and to provide family members a symbol that reflects their loved one’s achievements.  The University may confer a posthumous degree in honor of a student who died during enrollment after having completed significant progress toward degree completion and was in good academic and financial standing.



To be considered for a Posthumous Degree, the student must have completed a significant amount (approximately 75%) of the degree requirements, be currently enrolled and in good academic and financial standing. Consideration may be given to a student where chronic illness prevented current enrollment. Under special circumstances, the University may grant the posthumous degree for a student who has completed less than 75% of the degree course work.



Requests for consideration for awarding of a degree posthumously must be submitted in writing within one year of the student’s death and include documentation verifying the date of the student’s death. Documentation may include a death certificate, Funeral Service Program, newspaper, or other documentation as approved.

Relatives of the student may submit a letter to the President’s Office, which will then be forwarded to the appropriate Division Chair for initiation of the “Posthumous Degree Request Form.”

University personnel may initiate the request process by sending a letter to the appropriate Division Chair for initiation of the “Posthumous Degree Request Form.”

The Division Chair will coordinate completion of the initial portion of the request form with input from the student’s professors. Faculty from the student’s academic division may choose to write a letter that could be included with the diploma, if approved, regarding the student’s scholarly endeavors, regard by faculty and fellow students and/or other personal qualities.

The Vice President for Academic Services will complete the remainder of the form, indicating verification of enrollment status, financial and academic good standing and percentage of degree completed.  The Academic Services Office will retain a copy of the form and return the original to the Division Chair who initiated the request.

The Division Chair will present the request, along with supporting data, to the Faculty Council for a vote.  The Faculty Council will forward all information, along with the Faculty recommendation, to the President for further consideration and appropriate notification.

If the Faculty Council recommends approval and the President concurs, the President will place the recommendation on the agenda for the next Board of Trustees meeting, when the Board of Trustees will vote on the recommendation.  Per Amberton University Policy #50, the Board of Trustees shall be responsible for approving all recommendations for the awarding of an honorary degree.



The President of the university will advise the individual making the request of the final decision. If the request was made by someone other than the family and the decision is favorable, the family will be notified and the University will secure their approval for completion of the process and preparation of the diploma.  The President or his/her designee will ensure that the diploma and student transcript include the words, “presented posthumously.”



If approved, a designated university official of the rank of Vice President or higher will present the Posthumous Degree to the family in a private university setting.  If a meeting is not possible, the University will mail the diploma to the family.



The President of the University, or his or her designee, serves as the official responsible for the interpretation and administration of these procedures.  Contact the President’s office for any questions related to the policy.

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