Number: 26

Subject:  Conflict of Interest 



It is the policy of the Board of Trustees that Trustees should at all times act in a manner consistent with their fiduciary responsibilities to the University and should exercise particular care that no detriment to the University would result from their conflicts between their interests and those of the University.


For purposes of this policy a Trustee is considered to have a conflict of interest when the individual, or any of his or her immediate family or associates either (1) has an existing or potential financial or other interest which impairs or might reasonably appear to impair, the Trusteeís judgment in the discharge of responsibilities to the University, or (2) may receive a material financial or other benefit from knowledge of information confidential to the University.


Any Trustee having an actual or potential conflict of interest in any business before the University will disclose the conflict and shall not vote or use his or her personal influence to effect the voting.The minutes of the meeting shall reflect the individualís abstention from voting.