Number: 239





All mail services provided by Amberton University are for official University business.  For operational and security efficiency, the following guidelines concerning the mail services of Amberton University are implemented.




     Incoming mail/packages are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service or by a commercial carrier (UPS, etc.).  Authorized University personnel will sort the mail and discard or confine any junk or questionable material.  Any questionable material will be forwarded to the proper authorities for review/testing.


     Employees of the University are not to have non-related University business mail sent to the University.  All personal, non-University business mail is to be sent to one’s own private address.




     Except for special projects, the outgoing mail at Amberton University is processed once daily.


     As a courtesy, the University will allow employees to deposit their private, stamped mail in a receptor that will be combined with the University’s outgoing mail.  The University will not accept private packages or mail that is improperly wrapped, addressed, or stamped.


     All mail/packages that are to be metered (stamped) by the University will be for official University business.  Address of recipient and return address will be properly typed and displayed.  Packages will be properly wrapped and addressed.




            Once mail has been delivered to the University, the mail is considered the property of the University.  Mail handlers are authorized to open any and all mail/packages as expediency and security dictates.