Number: 227



Full-time university employees, whether faculty or staff, are not normally permitted to engage in outside employment. This does not preclude professional consultation by faculty on a limited basis when the work contributes to the professional development of the faculty member. Nor does this policy preclude the part-time employment of staff personnel after normal working hours when such part-time work constitutes no interference with the employee's regular university duties. However, under no circumstances may any employee identify or affiliate himself or herself with the University in the approval or sponsorship of a product or a commodity for sale.

Employees wishing to undertake outside employment must obtain consent from their supervisor. Consent will be given where, from the nature of the work proposed, it appears likely that a conflict of interest will not occur. If outside employment is approved and it later appears to generate a conflict of interest or an unreasonable interference in performance of university duties, the University reserves the right to require the employee either to discontinue such employment or to reduce it to an acceptable level in order to continue university employment.

Full-time faculty is not to teach or enter into working agreements with competitive educational institutions without first obtaining permission from the Chief Academic Officer.