Number: 130




     Amberton University shall integrate technology into all aspects of the institution including teaching, researching, record keeping, reporting, and communicating. In that technology is not an objective but a tool, its presence and use shall be transparent yet available throughout all the learning and operational processes of the University.


         Amberton University shall provide adequate technologies to enable students to register easily and quickly while the institution adequately controls the process and maintains security of data.

         Amberton University shall provide technologies that allow faculty, students, and employees of the University to communicate with one another both verbally and in writing.

         Amberton University shall develop technologies that provide accurate and accessible record keeping for both University records and student use.

         Amberton University shall develop technologies that enable all constituents of the institution to participate in research both in house and online.

         Amberton University shall develop technologies that allow students to learn and have access to student services from distant locations.

         Amberton University shall develop throughout the University environment technologies that enhance classroom learning and improve the management of information.

         Amberton University shall develop training programs that enhance the technology usage skills of all its constituents.

         Amberton University shall employ technologies that safeguard information that would personally identify the user to unauthorized parties.


     Amberton University shall define technologies as (1) the institutionís telephone system, (2) all institutional fax machines, (3) all institutional computers and networks, and (4) all hardware and software that interfaces with the institutionís telephone system, fax machines, and/or computers.


     The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) shall serve as chairperson of the Technology Committee of Amberton University. The Technology Committee shall be comprised of from three to seven members, each member being experienced in the management of information and familiar with the technologies.


     Each year during the budget process, each division of the University will evaluate the age of equipment and identify needs for additional equipment. The Technology Committee will evaluate all recommendations in light of institutional technology objectives and take into consideration the needs of all institutional divisions, without partiality to one division, and recommend to the Budget Committee the replacement of old (outdated) equipment first and recommend the distribution of new equipment in an equitable manner based upon institutional objectives. The Budget Committee will make the final decision on technology purchases based upon funds available.